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Another exciting season with The Neighborhood Children’s Sports League of sports, fellowship, and fun!

We are very excited to announce that NCSL will be celebrating 60 years serving the Greater Milwaukee community this upcoming season. During this time, we have been a staple in the community. If you play sports in Milwaukee, you have probably played with the NCSL at some point. We serve youth, ages 6-13, with a mission to develop character in young men and women through athletics.

Currently, we are serving our youth through football and cheer leading with aspirations to offer other sports in the coming years. NCSL, over time, has developed a template for engaging our youth at a young age. Many of our participants come to us as first timers and leave as very knowledgeable players and parents in the game of football. We encourage our student athletes to continue onto the high school and collegiate level. We even have a couple that have made it to the National Football League (NFL)!

Our goal at NCSL is not to create professional participants, although that can be the case for some. We understand that a majority of our participants may not receive that opportunity and eventually they will be introduced to adulthood. We want our youth to be familiar with the disciplines of working hard, participating with good sportsmanship, and to be familiar with the strains of leadership. Although our participants are focused on becoming successful student athletes, unconsciously they are learning the tools needed to become successful adults.

Not only will we develop responsible young people, we also are an organization for the entire family. NCSL is completely run by volunteers. All of our coaches, commissioners and parent coordinators were, at some point, parents on the sideline who wanted to do more to help our cause.

On any given Saturday we are packing Lincoln Park with families looking to support their respective organizations. Our ability to bring the entire family together has been detrimental in saving our youth from the troubles that exist in our neighborhoods. Our organization gets kids off of the streets and onto the gridiron. As one who grew up playing in NCSL, I am a huge advocate for what the youth learns over the years and commits to their organizations.

The youth of the city deserve safe places to be able to meet others, play, and learn. For years, NCSL has been a secret of the city, and in the coming years, we hope to change that. Look for us to be visible in the community with anticipations to serve more of the youth. We are looking to engage our youth more through public speaking opportunities through pre and post-game interviews. We aspire to keep film on our participants. We are also planning to track our players and cheerleaders after they leave NCSL. Our children go on to walk many different walks of life from ministry to firefighters, local blue-collar workers, community leaders, and great family men and women.

As we focus on our goal for this season; from us here at NCSL to all families and friends, Welcome!

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